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Prescott Office

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1678 Oaklawn Drive, Suite C

Prescott, AZ  86305

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Owners - respectfully: we usually do not work directly with Owners, but as a consultant to Architects, Draftsman or Contractors.  We suggest you use one of the Helpful Contacts below to get your project started.  Also, there are some types of projects we frequently decline:

  • Residential/Commercial Site Visits for owners, buyers, or realtors (Okay, if schedule is reasonable).

  • Structures built without a permit.(Cost, difficulty in obtaining compliance).

  • Anything related to Mobile or Manufactured Homes.(Cost is usually the problem).

  • Projects already under Construction that we did NOT design (schedule is usually the problem).

  • Forensic/Investigation (Sometimes, if schedule is reasonable).

Helpful Contacts:


DeCarol Company; Chuck Merritt; 928.541.7912;

Haley Construction; Allan Crary; 928.445.1281;

B's Contractors; Brian Bombardieri; 928.445.5105;

Jebco Building Systems; Jeb Johnson; 928.778.7976;

Kenson Construction; Tiny Kenson; 928.445.5192;


KW Design; Kurt Womack; 928.308.1022;

Dimensions; Todd Sarantopulos; 928.273.9969;

KAD Designs; Kelly Dougan; 928.848.0392;

Genesis Designs; Jesse Weber; 928.592.4543;

RL Design; Richard Leithead; 928.308.3874;


Taylor Architects; Michael Taylor: 928.445.0626;

Stroh Architecture: Doug Stroh: 928.771.0548;

Otwell Associates Architects; Bill Otwell: 928.445.4951;

Ken Mohn Architect; Ken Mohn: 928.710.5530;

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